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All our work is designed and delivered with love care.

As strong advocates of accessible web design, we make sure your website works for you and your customers.

Smart + Bespoke

Smart we work to tried-and-tested standards

Bespoke we design exactly what you need

Whether you need to develop your brand, sell online, share your news, advertise events, manage a secure member's area, regular newsletters, quizzes, marketing surveys, competitions and polls, incorporate a third-party API or something niche only your business does, we always deliver the best solution for your business and your pocket.

Responsible & Trusted

Our customers stick around. We're still supporting businesses we worked with when we started our own business in 2006. They trust us.

You want a web designer you can trust? We've got your back.

Dependable, reliable, accountable, credible, respectful and trustworthy. Values that mean everything to us, with every idea, conversation, task and project in which we participate. Ask any of our customers.

Our applications system is for users with disabilities, so we're glad we're working with a web design business that has accessibility high on their agenda

Tab, EmployAbility

Loving this new system! Thanks so much for all your work on this. It has made my job sooo much easier and much more effective use of the community's time and money. It's fab.

Morven, Garve & District Development Company

Blair challenges our thinking and we value and trust his opinion

Gordon, Momentum IT

runABC has been working with Doepud for over a decade now which says it all really! Fantastic service, great response times and a pleasure to deal with

Kevin, runABC

Blair from Doepud built our first website in 2005 and has looked after us since then; always on hand to respond to our queries quickly. After a refresh in 2018 we noticed an increase in traffic and requests for our services. The website is greatly improved, thank you

Catriona, Nocturne

Blair's always on hand to give valuable advice, and through working with him I've increased my confidence and technical skills

Tina, Garve & District Development Company

With every project, small or large, Blair always manages things efficiently; he has a knack of making complex situations really simple

Tab, EmployAbility

Doepud always goes the extra mile, delivering more than expected

Gordon, Momentum IT

Working closely with someone over a sustained period of time, like we have with Doepud, you really appreciate reliability and trust, which is vital when your business relies on your website

Tab, EmployAbility

Designed for you and your customers

In an ever increasingly complex web, customer needs vary dramatically and "out-of-the-box" solutions rarely work. We work with you to identify what you and your customers need to do on your website and design a solution that works by building on existing software and making tweaks to meet your needs.

For runABC we extended our events calendar to incorporate elements specific to their business requirements.

Read the runABC Case Study

Privacy & Security

In the dim recent past, tracking everything was all the rage. Thankfully these days privacy is held in higher esteem, and rightly so, who wants their every click, search, purchase, like and comment recorded for unscrupulous corporations to repeatedly sell to the lowest bidder? In a face-off between human welfare and corporate profits, there's only one side to back. Thankfully the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is compelling the less ethical to rethink.

For EmployAbility we designed a dedicated consent system for their clients, ensuring their personal data remains private and secure.

Read the EmployAbility Case Study

Bloat-free & Lower Cost

Designing, building, launching and maintaining a website can be a costly venture for any business these days; especially for those with a small budget. Everything is needlessly complex and expensive. At Doepud we always pursue the simplest and most elegant solution, meaning less bloat and lower cost.

We have high standards

Not just those we set ourselves but those recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C); in particular the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Like to work with us?

We're a tiny web design business based in the Highlands of Scotland, focused on crafting the finest websites. We've been doing this for a long time too.

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