What is a web developer? asks @ppk. As a long standing expert in all things web design and development, he's known to provoke interesting discussion about his trade over on his blog and on Twitter. In this latest article he suggests that web developers should be able to work without tools (i.e. frameworks, libraries etc) and be able to produce everything that's required to develop a website with raw HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We wholeheartedly agree here at Doepud, it's the same argument that an artist should be able to draw properly before becoming the next Jackson Pollock.

Based on the W3C's Web Notifications specification, here's a very useful service called Push.js which lets websites send timely messages to site visitors, whether on desktop or mobile. For example, let your visitors know when you add a new product or blog post, or use it to announce important, breaking news.

Why you should learn JSON-LD and separate your data from your markup, says Richard Baxter for Builtvisible, and he's absolutely correct. The idea of dropping a JSON snippet into your document rather than painstakingly marking up individual tags with attributes is a no-brainer.

If you're new to JSON-LD, Builtvisible have also produced a thorough review of everything you need to know about JSON-LD, with examples of how to create structured data for everything from people and businesses to articles and recipes.

Also, check out the JSON-LD website for a Playground to experiment and Google's documentation on structured data.