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Using Your Blog to Attract New Clients is the perfect article to promote proactive effort if you're trying to use your blog to attract new customers. It covers a range of subjects:

  • write about things your customers want to know (like deep answers to frequently asked questions)
  • find already published articles on the same subject and write them better
  • use great images and other media to enhance your content
  • interview someone
  • add a call to action
  • promote your article
  • join online groups and forums where your customers hang out... and contribute

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We're always encouraging clients to use the structured markup tools available with their CMS text editor (CKEditor) when they're creating content. Our advise is that structured content not only helps with general readability but it can bring SEO benefits too. One particular feature we like to promote is lists, and as luck would have it, Hoa Loranger from Nielsen Norman Group has just published a great article on exactly that subject. 7 Tips for Presenting Bulleted Lists in Digital Content covers everything you need to know with some excellent examples about what not to do too.

I can confirm they've changed their business names to include keywords

The lengths some businesses will go to perform well in Google Business Search! If it's not a spammy business names or fake business listings, it's review spam (self-reviews & competitor shaming). Read more about Local SEO Spam Tactics and what you can do to prevent the issue from escalating.

As a Doepud client you're already aware that we use Google Analytics to measure your website traffic — it's a valuable insight into how visitors are using your site. These statistics provides a wealth of data that, after careful analysis, can inform your decisions on how best to improve the perfomance of your website. So how do you go about analysing all this data? It can be a minefield for the uninitiated, so the answer is to enrol on one of Google's free online courses. They provide courses for complete beginners to more advanced practitioners. Check out the Google Analytics Academy for more details.