As we're big fans of MailChimp at Doepud we rarely need to stray beyond the tried-and-tested solutions we know work without fail but every now and then we need to dip our toes into the hazardous Loch HTML and the loss of a limb often offends. Thankfully An Introduction To Building And Sending HTML Email For Web Developers over at Smashing Magazine has you covered. There's a swathe of useful tips that cover Client-Rendering Engines, styling call-to-action buttons, typography using conditional CSS and Responsive Email Design.

Build a life around stillness and meaning, and notice the difference it makes in you

That's the advice in this useful article Filter Out the Noise. When it comes to productivity levels at work, the general angle is: prioritise what's meaningful in your daily processes by cutting out the unnecessary interruptions.

The latest version of HTML, HTML 5.1, has recently become a W3C Recommendation, which means we can expect to see some nifty new features available in our browsers quite soon (if they're not already available - the two examples I describe below are both implemented in my version of Firefox (v50.0.1)).

One new feature involves Context Menus, and introduces new elements <menu> and <menuitem>. With some simple markup we can now include links and options within a right-click context menu.

Another nice addition is elements for <details> and <summary>, which replaces functionality we had to resort to JavaScript to reproduce. All markup within a <details> section will automatically be hidden except the <summary> content. Then clicking the <summary> text will toggle the rest of the <details>.

Check out What’s New in HTML 5.1 for more info and working examples.

CSS ICON, not just a decent sized collection of icons made entirely with CSS but also a very slick animated function to swap between two icons.

Cloudinary provide a service to let you manage your images (e.g. within a website admin). Using their simple JavaScript-powered API, you can crop, re-size, pixelate faces, add watermarks and all sorts of other manipulations before they get saved to their servers. With a selection of pricing options, there's plenty of scope to run a small business site for free.