Everything you've always wanted to know about site migrations but were afraid to ask! Moz have got an extensive article covering everything you'd need to consider when migrating a site, which could include:

  • switching to https
  • domain name change
  • URL changes
  • site structure changes
  • changing CMS
  • making a site mobile-friendly
  • a site redesign

With plenty of tips and tricks, it's worth a read if you're planning any major changes to your site.

A Theme Switcher: now this looks like the perfect way to create a high contrast version of your site:

filter: invert(100%)

Unfortunately the filter property isn't widely supported yet, and there are a few caveats that need addressed, but it looks like a really lightweight method.

In the wake of the recent Onliner Spambot breach, this is a quick reminder to add all your email addresses to Troy Hunt's Have I Been Pwned? website. If any appear on his vast list of compromised lists, or any future lists, you'll be notified. The notification will describe the type of compromise (e.g. email/password, bank details) and what details you should change (usually password).

Some basic security tips:

  • if you use a free email provider like Gmail or Outlook, then ensure 2-factor authentication is enabled - this is where you sign in to your email account and get a text message or access code on your mobile phone to complete the authorisation
  • don't open spam emails
  • turn off images in your email, and only re-enable for senders you know are legitimate
  • don't open spam emails