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Gerry McGovern nails it in his new post Technology is neither magical nor neutral. He describes how buying technology, like a new Content Management System, isn't the answer to your business problems. Sticking your new content into a new system won't magically make it better or easier to understand by your customers; it takes careful management to get the most out of it. Well worth a read.

Use Google+ Hangouts to boost your business

Google+ Hangouts let you do cheap teleconferencing for up to ten people; this includes using live video as part of a demonstration. Hosting a Hangout on a subject relevant to your business is a great way to:

  • Demonstrate a new service or product
  • Get feedback from your customers
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Build a stronger following
  • Enhance your position as a leader in your field

All Hangout conversations are saved for future reference, letting you revisit shared ideas and images.

For more information read How to Build Your Brand with Google+ Hangouts On Air.

Although primarily aimed at businesses who provide a web application or online product, Email Patterns for Web Apps is a useful list of subjects / circumstances where you could proactively provide a better customer experience through sending them emails. For instance, after they sign up or purchase your service / product, do you follow up with an appropriate welcome message? Do you share news about updates or bug fixes? What about including / thanking them when your business succeeds?

Every company needs a 'big data' strategy to avoid falling behind rivals.

'Big data' refers to the use of technology to assess massive amounts of data, often to learn more about people or groups of people and their behaviour.

Even for small to medium sized businesses I wholeheartedly agree that understanding your customers is vital. Whether the data you collect is via Google Analytics or you're recording specific actions and outcomes in another way, having the data, even if it's only "medium data", is a must.

Future of Web Design

In his article Future of Web Design, Tarun Mitra points to all the latest developments web design has witnessed in recent years, from responsive design and web applications to retina display and web fonts. At Doepud I appreciate that staying abreast of these developments can be challenging at times, especially as most webby things are constantly evolving.

Continue reading "Future of Web Design"

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