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Gerry McGovern nails it in his new post Technology is neither magical nor neutral. He describes how buying technology, like a new Content Management System, isn't the answer to your business problems. Sticking your new content into a new system won't magically make it better or easier to understand by your customers; it takes careful management to get the most out of it. Well worth a read.

How to write content for your website

Writing content for your website is never an easy task and always takes longer than you think. And to be honest, if you can afford the services of a copywriter then that is our recommendation. However, because it's a time consuming (i.e. costly) process it is understandable that you may want to handle this task yourself. If so, don't despair, if you follow our straightforward guide, you'll soon be up and running.

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Get a deeper insight into your online competitors by following the suggested steps in the article Why you should spy on your online competitors and use that information to improve your own online success. Covering a range of useful angles from first determining who your competitors are, to understanding what makes them successful, what they write about on their blog, what's popular and who links to them.

How your subject line can make or break your campaign

Subject Line Data: Choose Your Words Wisely. Great post from MailChimp highlighting the importance of using the appropriate words in your subject line. One example compares Free with Freebie, and finds the latter is more attractive to recipients and increases open rates. They also suggest that using time sensitive words, like urgent, breaking and alert also help with click-throughs.

Other useful words choices include the use of the various combinations of first name and last name depending on the industry.

It's all fascinating stuff that would invariably help with other aspects of your copywriting, like penning a strong headline or catchy byline.

In On the Web, context kills, speed saves, Gerry McGovern reminds us that when writing copy for the web, it needs to be clear, direct and instructional:

You need to find someone to clean your house. Does it help when you arrive at a website and it says: “Looking for a cleaner? We clean your house so you don’t have to. And that saves you lots of time, which we know you are wasting reading this, because why would you be at this website if you weren’t looking for a cleaner. Sorry, we can’t give you our prices. You’ll have to email us for that.

In essence: give the visitor what they're looking for and be clear what they should do next.

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