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PayPal are planning to introduce a new In-Context Checkout process that is aimed at making online payments quicker for the customer. Instead of sending customers to the PayPal website to complete a transaction, payments will be taken on the merchant's website in a modal-style box.

The five types of ecommerce customer

In Designing for 5 Types of E-Commerce Shoppers, research from the Nielsen Norman Group shows that shoppers can be categorised in one of five ways:

  1. Product focused - they know what they want and want to get it quick
  2. Browsers - they will spend a lot of time on the site, returning often
  3. Researchers - they like detailed product descriptions, excellent support and clear navigation
  4. Bargain hunters - they'll be in the sale section, and finding out about coupons or discount codes
  5. One-time shoppers - mostly folk with gift vouchers; they'll be checking out how to use their voucher

It seems clear to me that when it comes improving sales and overall customer satisfaction, the key to using this research is understanding how to recognise each customer type and present content appropriate to that type.


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