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As we're big fans of MailChimp at Doepud we rarely need to stray beyond the tried-and-tested solutions we know work without fail but every now and then we need to dip our toes into the hazardous Loch HTML and the loss of a limb often offends. Thankfully An Introduction To Building And Sending HTML Email For Web Developers over at Smashing Magazine has you covered. There's a swathe of useful tips that cover Client-Rendering Engines, styling call-to-action buttons, typography using conditional CSS and Responsive Email Design.

Google has announced that from the end of September they'll be supporting media queries in their Gmail email client (as well as Inbox by Gmail), which means that all the jumping through hoops, hacks and inline CSS will slowly become obsolete.

Email Framework is a useful-looking set of HTML templates, aimed at helping you build your own bulletproof, responsive HTML emails. Covers a range of handy areas, like mobile hacks, typography, buttons and images.

If you use MailChimp to send your newsletter campaigns, you should make sure you have a look at the scheduling options. Based on the most engaged readers on your list, they recommend the best send time, i.e. morning, afternoon, evening. Read more about Send Time Optimization in MailChimp.

Although primarily aimed at businesses who provide a web application or online product, Email Patterns for Web Apps is a useful list of subjects / circumstances where you could proactively provide a better customer experience through sending them emails. For instance, after they sign up or purchase your service / product, do you follow up with an appropriate welcome message? Do you share news about updates or bug fixes? What about including / thanking them when your business succeeds?

How your subject line can make or break your campaign

Subject Line Data: Choose Your Words Wisely. Great post from MailChimp highlighting the importance of using the appropriate words in your subject line. One example compares Free with Freebie, and finds the latter is more attractive to recipients and increases open rates. They also suggest that using time sensitive words, like urgent, breaking and alert also help with click-throughs.

Other useful words choices include the use of the various combinations of first name and last name depending on the industry.

It's all fascinating stuff that would invariably help with other aspects of your copywriting, like penning a strong headline or catchy byline.

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