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Build a life around stillness and meaning, and notice the difference it makes in you

That's the advice in this useful article Filter Out the Noise. When it comes to productivity levels at work, the general angle is: prioritise what's meaningful in your daily processes by cutting out the unnecessary interruptions.

It may have been an April Fools' joke but the message can still be read in reverse and appreciated. The Nielsen Norman Group produced a cracker of an article called Difficult Designs Are Better (for Humanity) that highlighted various usability concerns, like how important it is to challenge your visitors by making navigation "joyfully suprising" and give nothing away upfront and instead force your users to go deeper on your site to find more. Brilliant!

How to write content for your website

Writing content for your website is never an easy task and always takes longer than you think. And to be honest, if you can afford the services of a copywriter then that is our recommendation. However, because it's a time consuming (i.e. costly) process it is understandable that you may want to handle this task yourself. If so, don't despair, if you follow our straightforward guide, you'll soon be up and running.

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Pipebytes is a free file sharing service. No need to install any software, just upload your file and share the unique link that is generated with your recipient.

Printable Paper, this is a neat idea which lets you print out various templates onto blank paper which you then use to develop, draw and sketch out your ideas on. For example grid paper and web browser wireframes.

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