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The ICO blog has a great post on ransomware, the despicable act of holding a business to ransom by preventing access to the files on their computer. These things always begin with a virus, usually through a spam email. Once infected your computer is locked down and access to your important files restricted. The pirates then issue a demand for payment to permit access again... or they will delete them. This is when having external backups comes in handy! Of course, the best defense is to avoid catching the virus in the first place.

Read the post: Being held to ransom?

If you use public Wi-fi in hotels, cafes, the airport etc. then be cautious; this is the advise from the Information Commisioner's Office Blog, who remind us that when we sign-up to use these "free" services the personal data we are obliged to provide (well, this usually depends on how desperate you are to get connected) will inevitably be sold to third-party businesses and used for future marketing purposes. So, even if it's just your email address (although I've personally seen some providers requesting full postal address and telephone numbers) when you agree to their terms of service you are practically consenting to receive spam.

From a legal perspective, the Data Protection Act (DPA) states that any personal data you share with these service providers can used for specified purposes (which includes marketing) so you should weigh up the pros and cons of giving away your email address. The best solution though is to create a new email address (like a Gmail account) and occasionally delete all the spam.

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