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Use Google+ Hangouts to boost your business

Google+ Hangouts let you do cheap teleconferencing for up to ten people; this includes using live video as part of a demonstration. Hosting a Hangout on a subject relevant to your business is a great way to:

  • Demonstrate a new service or product
  • Get feedback from your customers
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Build a stronger following
  • Enhance your position as a leader in your field

All Hangout conversations are saved for future reference, letting you revisit shared ideas and images.

For more information read How to Build Your Brand with Google+ Hangouts On Air.

How to get more Twitter followers

Looking at this hefty article on Moz, if you want to get more followers on Twitter you need to be strong-headed, ruthless, proactive and somewhat egocentric.

Of their seventeen suggestions, here's my favourite bits:

  • Start a conversation - ask your followers something meaningful and create a dialogue that will encourage others to participate
  • Look good - having more followers than friends tells potential followers that your Tweets are compelling
  • Engage unreciprocating friends - if you follow someone but they don't follow you back, start a conversation with them
  • Tweet regularly - once or twice a day is fine
  • Reply quickly - this means having your Twitter client open all the time to catch @mentions
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